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Hunger Anthem is an indie rock band from Athens, Georgia with an unabashed penchant for distortion drenched, gritty, tightly executed power pop immediacy, deeply rooted in a lo-fi approach and ever-evolving, bearing an evident DIY punk rock work ethic and ethos. Started as a solo project of singer/songwriter Brendan Vaganek in Buffalo, NY, the self-titled first album was recorded on a Tascam cassette 4-track in various basements and living rooms. The record, originally released on Vaganek’s bedroom label Broken Brain Records, steadily gained attention for its strong melodic nature, the cohesive juxtaposition of electric and acoustic tracks, and well-crafted lyrical imagery and directness. It was followed by frequent acoustic solo shows and full band sets around the northeast and midwestern US.

The second release, Cut the Chord, brought in Georgia bred drummer Cameron Kelly, and was tracked in a short period of time at Triple Outlet Treehouse in Athens, GA during one relentlessly scorching summer. Most of the basic tracks were done live in one or two takes. The curious possum onlooker that made frequent appearances during recording can be seen on the front cover hiding in the trees. Followed by regular touring and ongoing writing, consistent discipline has kept the band moving forward through twists and turns, and on the road with tight, high energy live shows, forever grateful of friendships forged along the way, as well as the sum of moments and unfolding experiences of both the unexpected and the familiar.

Looking for a studio with somewhat of an expanded dynamic range, the third and forthcoming record Lift utilized the potential and capabilities of Espresso Machine in Athens, GA, recorded by Mike Albanese (Maserati, Bit Brigade, The Bad Ends, Life In Vacuum) and mastered by Joel Hatstat (Archers of Loaf, Jeff Rosenstock, Worriers). It’s borne of love and sweat, and pulls deeply from the well of observation, longing, acceptance, and perseverance.       

“there is so much melody and punch pouring off their stage it’s difficult to describe it without totally geeking out” -Flagpole Magazine 

“Hunger Anthem are a short, sharp reminder of when rock was allowed to be solely about the song, the buzz, the feel.” -ANBAD/UK


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